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Hongyuan New Energy is an innovative and vibrant company. In Hongyuan, you can move forward with outstanding talents, create a better future with us, and work hard to create a Chinese enterprise. 

We provide a competitive salary package and a complete and rich welfare system, so that every employee has no worries while working hard for the ideal. 



Material planner
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Work place : Jiangsu Province | Wuxi City | Jiangyin City - - Department : Careers Working years : 5-10 years Education : Junior high school Numbers : 1
Qualifications:  1. College degree or above, computer, statistical and other related majors are preferred;  2. More than 5 years of relevant work experience in planned material control positions, with experience in planned material control positions in the electrical industry preferred;  3. Familiar with computer operation and office software applications, especially the use of EXCEL functions, and experience in using U8 system;  4. Familiar with planned material control management, understand supply chain management and lean production  5. Clear thinking, strong sense of work responsibility, high work efficiency, good communication skills, organization and coordination skills and teamwork awareness;  6. Strong stress resistance, able to travel occasionally.  Job requirements:  1. Assist the department manager to establish a plan management operation system, improve and optimize the operation process;  2. Assist department managers in order review work;  3. Make production plans and schedules based on order delivery dates, production capacity, and material status, and respond to delivery dates; follow up on plan execution, coordinate and handle exceptions in a timely manner, and ensure that orders are delivered on time;  4. Make a material demand plan, follow up on the delivery progress, coordinate and handle abnormalities in time according to the plan and schedule, ;  5. Material accounting for order in batch and cooperating with inventory management;  6. Preparation of plan management report;  7. Other matters entrusted by superiors; 
After-sales technical support engineer
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Work place : Jiangsu Province | Wuxi City | Jiangyin City - - Department : Careers Working years : 1-3 years Education : Regular college Numbers : 1
Qualifications:  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automation, electrical drive, control theory, power and electronics, computer, etc., and those with relevant work experience or wind power industry experience can be preferred.  2. Responsible, willing to bear hardships and stand hard work, proactive at work, good at learning, and good communication and expression skills;  3. Experience in power electronic equipment debugging, familiar with PLC working principle is preferred.  4. Able to adapt to long-term business trips.  Job requirements:  1. Responsible for the testing, installation, debugging, troubleshooting and customer training of the pitch control system;  2. Provide relevant technical support and on-site service for wind farm customers to deal with difficult faults of pitching  3. Communicate with customers during project implementation and solve customer problems in time  4. Other tasks assigned by the leader; 
Quality engineer
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Work place : Jiangsu Province | Wuxi City | Jiangyin City - - Department : Careers Working years : 5-10 years Education : Junior high school Numbers : 1
Qualifications:  1. College degree or above mahorring in quality management and production management, etc.  2. More than 5 years of on-site quality management work experience in manufacturing industry, relevant work experience in wind power or mechanical equipment industry is preferred;  3. Familiar with the correct use of inspection measuring tools, micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, multimeters and other measuring tools, skilled in measuring methods;  4. Understand the operating mode of the quality management system ISO9001 or IATF16949;  5. Have good problem analysis and problem solving skills, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit  Job requirements:  1. Participate in formulating and supervising the implementation of various systems and standards for corporate quality management, and implement the quality policy and quality objectives of the enterprise;  2. Formulate product quality specifications and product quality inspection standards, and be responsible for the Company's purchases and product quality  3. Inspect raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products and make inspection records  4. Review product technical documents, control plans, inspection instructions and record sheets, and implement training on corresponding documents to ensure the implementation effect according to the company's delivery plan.  5. Ensure that defects are recorded in the Company's problem management system, supervise relevant departments to respond, and actively feedback the implementation of the improvement plan in accordance with internal control standards;  6. Collect and analyze unqualified information fed back by the customer, identify potential improvement opportunities, and lead the quality improvement projects;  7. Be responsible for the performance result management and department construction, daily management, personnel management of the quality team, improve the business ability of the department staff and the training of reserve personnel and the core talent reserve;  8. Assist the production procurement department in review and assessment of the supplier;  9. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader 
Wind power operation and maintenance engineer
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Work place : Jiangsu Province | Wuxi City | Jiangyin City - - Department : Careers Working years : 1-3 years Education : Junior high school Numbers : 1
Qualifications:  1. College degree or above, major in mechatronics, electrical automation, new energy, etc.;  2. Capable of bearing hardships and standing hard work, with strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of service, and good communication skills;  3. Can adapt to long-term overseas business trips.  4. Hold a low-voltage electrician certificate and high-altitude operation certificate.  Job requirements:  1. Carry out troubleshooting, daily maintenance, and routine maintenance of wind turbines to ensure the safe and stable operation of wind turbines;  2. Be responsible for the troubleshooting and rectification of related faults and hidden dangers during the maintenance process;  3. Promptly report and follow up on various hidden safety hazards discovered during the maintenance process;  4. Conduct the technical processing and technical improvement of wind turbines, follow up on feedback. 
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